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Our Mission

We create custom, data-driven and explainable AI-based services and innovative solutions for the digital and green transition of public and industrial ecosystems.

Our vision is to provide state-of-the-art AI-based services with a strong impact on the quality of our lives.

CDXi solutions is spinning research out of the M4D group of the Information Technologies Institute of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas.


AI-based Decision Support Systems in Disaster Resilience

We provide AI-based Visual Analytics and explainable Decision Support algorithms that support first responders in their operations, fusing heterogeneous data from multimedia videos, satellite images and social media.

Oil spill detection in inland waters

We create custom Deep Neural Network architectures using Sentinel 2 images for the detection of oil spills and suspicious formations in lakes.

Water quality assessment in inland waters after a flood event

Flash floods can generate muddy waters and high turbidity, resulting in an impact on the water treatment process that water utilities operate during a flood. We provide intelligent Muddy Waters monitoring services for early warning and alerting in water quality issues.

Pathogen contamination monitoring and forecasting in water

We develop AI-based visual analysis models that provide a short-term forecasting on the expected levels of algae blooms.

Machine and Product Passport

We transform any type of available data sources into meaningful knowledge for the operators or owners of a machine at a production line. We manage machine-generated data following the common EU data spaces paradigm, unifying the information around a machine about its entire lifecycle.

Product Quality Diagnostics

We provide Product Quality Diagnostics and Machine Condition monitoring that reveal potential malfunctions and generate warnings on real-time production lines.